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{ Yearly Archives } 2001

SFM #7: Food. New York Cheesecake Recipe

By Robert Wu for his family and friends When I lived in New York City many years ago, I obtained a very good recipe for cheesecake from a friend. He enjoyed cooking and brought home-baked cheesecakes to the office each Christmas to share with his colleagues. This became a ritual each winter and my friend […]

SFM #6: China. The Emptiness of Gobi Desert

By Robert Wu for his family and friends When I fly, I enjoy matching landmarks below with maps shown on video screens in the plane. I traced the meandering Yukon River on the treeless tundra in Alaska and the jungle-fringed coast of Papua New Guinea. The bad land of Western US is quite dramatic with […]

SFM #5: Hong Kong. Beating the Rascals

By Robert Wu for his family and friends A few days ago, BK the project manager walked into my office beaming with joy. He just completed the deployment of a large wireless network while beating budget and milestone targets. But he complained of being stung by an insect and had a large welt under his […]

SFM #4: China. River Deltas of China

By Robert Wu for his family and friends Yesterday, I read a historical atlas of China that relates historical landmarks against current ones. The maps show that only two thousand years ago, deltas of the Yangtse and Pearl Rivers were still not fully formed. The future City of Shanghai was some 50 miles out to […]

SFM #3: China. Beautiful Ming-Style Furniture

By Robert Wu for his family and friends I have developed an appreciation for the elegantly simple Ming style furniture. This affection began when Sally and I visited a gallery in Hong Kong 10 years ago and serendipitously saw a large collection of antique Ming furniture of huanghuali wood. Since important specimens of such furniture […]

SFM #2: Animals. Soaring Raptors of Hong Kong

By Robert Wu for his family and friends I was attending a meeting in the conference room on the 28th floor when a loud thud on the window startled everybody. We looked out the window and saw a hawk falling after flying into the glass wall of our Causeway Bay building. Fortunately, it regained its […]

SFM #1: Hong Kong. Happy New Year of the Snake

By Robert Wu for his family and friends Happy New Year. Sally and I wish you and yours a happy and prosperous Year of the Snake. There is definitely a holiday atmosphere here in Hong Kong. People rush about buying gifts for family, flowers to spruce up the house, and food to pray with and […]